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About Us

Topping the Curve law school community is a pre-law mentorship community that is aimed at preparing students for law school. The TTC community will help pre-law students with the most common struggles that pre-law students face in applying to and first starting law school. The community is meant to be an educational, informative, and engaging way for all pre-law and future law students to prepare for and learn more about law school.

Why You Should Join Us

  • Monthly courses on a variety of pre-law topics including but not limited to:
  • Choosing a law school
  • Crafting the perfect personal statement
  • Evaluating a school’s ABA reports
  • Resume drafting
  • Undergraduate goals and expectations
  • Scheduling and time management
  • Outlining
  • Study tips and exam taking tips
  • How to network
  • Digital products including but not limited to:
  • Law school success guide
  • Email templates for networking
  • Pre-drafted questions to ask employees
  • Access to a community of like-minded individuals including but not limited to:
  • Other pre-law students
  • Current law students
  • Practicing attorneys
  • Videos and advice from guest speakers
  • 24/7 chat with other members
  • Events and local meetups for networking
  • Behind-the-scenes podcast episodes from topping the curve
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